Coupon Clipping and Organizing

Coupon Clipping & Organizing

There are many ways to collect and organize your coupons. This page will allow me to share with you how I like to clip and file mine.
First you may ask, "where do I find all the Coupons?"The answer is, there are many ways:
              1). The Sunday newspaper coupon inserts. Also check the actual paper itself. Sometimes your local grocer or other stores will have coupons to clip inside the paper.
                     2). Online. There are sites designed just for coupon printing such as,, and Usually when printing coupons online you are limited to only 2 per computer. You can also check the actual site for the product you are searching for. Sometimes you may find higher value coupons.
                     3). Magazines. All You is very popular for finding coupons. I also like Good House keeping and Better Homes and Gardens. Alot of times you can also find Rewards Programs that you can redeem points for magazine subscriptions such as MY COKE REWARDS. That is how I get mine.

             4). Blinkie Machines. You will find these in most grocery stores in the aisles attached to the shelves.

                    5). Stores. Look around the stores you shop in. I love these finds because alot of times they are store coupons that can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon. My local grocery store (Publix) tends to have various booklets throughout their store. Each store may be different.

Now you may want to know how do I clip and manage my coupons?
Here is a picture of the box I keep with me at all times.
Before I clip the coupons I have organized piles shown below
These piles are mostly made up of the Sunday newspaper coupon inserts. I have them separated with binder clips and then I added the color coded stickers with the date. The orange are Smartsource and the Red are the Redplums. Green are the P&G and store coupons.
Having them organized like this allows me to clip as needed and not waste time. When I make my shopping list I often refer to the Coupon Database found Here. If I need the coupon I will find it in my pile and then tear all of the same coupon out at once. You may want to cut and keep others on hand as well. This way if you spot it on sale or clearance you will have the coupon already on you. I mostly do this for Items I know I regularly buy or High value coupons.
In the box I have pictured above contains helpful items such as: Scissors, Pens, Sticker tabs, Binder clips and other things such a receipts and Rebate forms.