About Me

Hi! My name is Caryn and I am an avid couponer and deal finder. I love finding deals, getting things for free and sometimes even get paid to buy stuff!
You might be asking yourself, "can I really get stuff for free or even get paid to buy it?" YES! you can. But it can be very time consuming.
I am a stay at home mother of 4 and dedicated wife to a wonderful man whom I might add is one of my biggest inspirations.
I've always been good at hunting down a deal and a sucker for the clearance racks but never really realized how sweet the deals could be until I saw a news piece on couponing while I was in college. I never would have believed that someone could walk into a grocery store and walk out of one with 0ver $300.00 worth of groceries and only paying a few cents for them! I was in such disbelief! I came home and told my husband about this and he started clipping coupons right away. I still was weary but I figured I had nothing to lose.
So did I save right away? Yes, but not alot. It took me a good year to learn the in's and out's and still learning. I must say  I now save hundreds!
I love this job and hope to inspire you also to save like me.
Along this journey I have found some real true inspirations.