Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FREE at Walmart!!!!

These are .94 cents at my Walmart!!!
Use the $1 off coupon in the 3/18 SS and get them Free!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Well It's been a very long time but I think I'm ready to restart this blogging journey! :) Bare with me as I  am going to be reformatting and learning a few new tricks.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Super Cheap Pickles!!!

Super cheap Pickles at Publix Starting the 12th!
They will be BOGO the next ad. So if you have the .75 cents off one Blinkie and the .55 cents off Publix coupon from the spring savings book, your looking at a pretty good deal!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Publix Trip 4/14/2011

Spent $42.66
Saved!!!! $133.17

This includes:
18 boxes of Poptarts
8 cans of Pam
10 bags of Kraft Shredded cheese
6 bags of Lays Chips
2  1lb packs of Sorrento Motzarella Cheese
4 bags of Lenders Bagels
12 tubs of Cool Whip
2 (1) Lb packs of Butter

This is probably one of 3 trips for this sale. There is alot more deals this week but I will wait till Monday or Tuesday to go back.

The Pam is on sale $2.95 Bogo at my Publix.
I used these Coupons:

-$0.35/1 Pam Cooking Spray 4/3/2011 SS Insert (exp 5/15/2011) I used 8 of these.
8 of  these -$1/1 Pam Spray Publix Booklet, Slam Dunk Savings 3/23/2011   (exp 4/16/2011)

The Cool Whip is $1.69 Bogo and I used 12 coupons for 55 cents off each. ( I was able to get these at the strawberry Fest near where I live).

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trip to Publix 4/7/2011

Spent $39.90
Saved!!! $157.37

Here's what I bought:
18 Boxes of cereal
12 boxes of Muellers Pasta
6 bottles of Kens Marinades
6 bags of Beggin Strips
6 Busy Bones
4 boxes of Nabisco 100 calorie snacks
4 sweet potatos
Red seedless grapes
2 Packages of boneless chicken breast
2 tubes of Crest toothpaste
2 (4) packs of Starkist tuna

I still need to go back for a few more deals that I didn't have the coupons for on me.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Second Trip to Publix This Week!

Spent $95.27
Saved!! $231.60

All of the above includes:
26 two liters of Sundrop soda
14 bags of Coffee
7 deodorants
8 homestyle mac and cheese
6 cans of emerald nuts
6 Beneful meals
1 loaf of bread
1 package of Burger buns
1 Package of Hotdog buns
1 package of Ballpark Hotdogs
8 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce
1 Gatorade prime
1 Gatorade Recover
Publix baby cut Carrots
6 sweet potatoes
6 Bananas
10 eight packs of Juicey Juice
2 Six Packs Of Propel zero
6 packages of Kotex Pads
1 half gallon of Half and Half
1 can of mousse
2 packages of ground beef
2 bags of Salad
2 boxes of Morning Star burgers

I'd say this was a very good Day!!! :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Todays Trip To Publix

I Spent $69.55
Saved!! $153.68

All of the above includes:
24 bags of Eight 0'clock Coffee
10 packages of Kotex pads
6 bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce
4 rolls of Scott long lasting paper towels
1 twelve mega rolls of Scott toilet paper
1 package of Scott naturals wipes
2 Six packs of propel Zero water
1 Loaf of bread
6 bananas
1 package of cherry tomatoes